Lake Farm Genetics is the breeding arm of Lake Farm

We have a very clear goal to breed Angus cattle with great carcasses; high docility and premium marbling. This involves breeding females that, when grown through, will not only display high marbling (intermuscular fat) but when breed to high marbling bulls, will consistently deliver progeny of outstanding eating quality.

Marbling is a genetic condition. Feeding cattle well does not develop marbling without the right genetics. Marbling is an essential ingredient in our breeding program (along with great carcasses and docility). We breed to the AHUREI BEEF standard.  This is a set of standards that differentiate our Angus cattle.  Ahurei is a Maori word meaning “unique and special” and we couldn’t think of a more apt description for our breeding goals and for special cattle.

Lake Farm Genetics is the breeding arm of Lake Farm

There are many influences which affect beef eating quality.  It is undisputed that the single biggest factor is marbling. Marbling is the small flecks of fat that reside within the muscle (not exterior fat).  As a steak cooks, the fat melts, adding flavour to the meat, and relaxes the meat fibers, resulting in increased tenderness and succulence. For us, having marbling in the beef we raise is a prerequisite.

Perhaps the most well recognised cattle raised for their marbling ability is Japanese WAGYU cattle – raised in feedlots to produce the most expensive beef in the world.

Our goal is for a New Zealand branded beef standard to develop beef that marbles off grass as well or better than Wagyu cattle, and in significantly less time. From a planet sustainability perspective, this is a “no brainer”.  It is a goal that is achievable.

We would love to have you join us…..